FareedQ. Consulting

Making App Dreams Come True
 We strive to make sure that the service we deliver is not just a complete high quality service, but also an
innovative solution that can assure return on investment for our clients and ourselves.
Product Strategy
Every great app starts with a vision.
Let’s discover it together.
Experience Design
Our designers will discover an experience that holds true to your brand.
App Development
We engineer a solution that is of a high quality and will scale.
 need an app?
The world of digital marketing is changing. Remaining leaders of your industry requires you to stay ahead of the competition. Having a mobile application tailored to your business can help you achieve your larger business goals. A mobile  application will help improve your return on invesment in many ways. 
Build Relationships
Mobile applications are the most intimate way to connect and retain relationships. Being just a finger touch away you can deeply integrate your brand into your customer's life.
Accessable Technology
In the modern market, people constantly have their mobile screens available. Having access to the phone allows you send text messages and share photos directly with your customers.
Intuitive Design
An impeccable design makes for a seamless integration of your brand with your customer's day to day activities. A great app will make your customers smile.
Capture Moments
Consumers are bombarded by micro-moments of impulse, want to learn more or buy now. Having an accessible mobile app allows you to convert those users instantly to your brand or product.
Scalable Infrastructure
Your company will grow and you will need technology that will grow with you. Applications are no longer built one-and-done. A well built mobile application will allow you to stay ahead of the curve.
Stay Connected
Social media is necessary to build communities and encourage evangelist. Mobile applications allow for new channels to communicate with your customers and keep your brand relevant in their minds.
Our work process
01. Road Map Strategy
Beginning the app journey, our team will work with you to discover the ideal product road map to meet your business needs. We will gather leap of faith assumptions, and use MVP testing techniques to validate the market. We will ensure the path is clearly laid out before we set foot.
02. User Experience Design
Our creative team will collaborate with you and your customers to discover the best user experience. We will share flow diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes to gather valuable input. Data collected and industry insights will be married with your brand - discovering the ideal U/X.
03. Agile Development
Using incremental development practices, we are constantly building, testing, and regularly delivering potentially shippable solutions. These development cycles will allow you to retain decision making ability of whether to launch or pivot through the engineering process. You will always be in control.
04. Support Growth
Our team will help you launch your application to market. We will be there to support you as you scale and grow. We are partners through the entire journey. Your success means our success.
Project Management
some this we can do
our skills

We do not pretend to be masters of all domains, but what we do focus on we do very well. We have the in house skillset to bring your app to market, and whatever we do not we will outsource the proper talent. Our impeccable project management team will handle all the details and make the experience seamless for you.

Project Management